How to Fix the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome

A few of the computer errors that people come across are really specific as compared to several others; certain is even so precise that they are going to just disturb definite Internet browsers and not the other ones. It is certainly the circumstance of the error which is ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR that solely hits the Google Chrome browser and none other.

Within this post, we are going to clarify the method with which you will be capable of fixing the error for all time. Prior we move into the strides that you need to take so as to get rid of this error, we need to provide you with some info about it.

At large, recognizing the reason which gives rise to these computer errors is pretty significant while we put our hand into fixing them. Therefore, prior we know about the method to fix the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR we must have a look at the overall scenarios when it takes place.

Facts about Google Chrome Internet Browser

Afore delving into solutions for ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR we must go through a few quick facts regarding Google as a whole and Chrome Browser:

Google Chrome is the most extensively utilized internet browser on the web

Google came into existence in the month of September 1997

The browser named Google Chrome was put into use 11 years after the launch of Google

Google was initially called “Backrub”

Google, being a search engine, is globally the most visited site, which beats even Facebook and remaining social media platforms online

Google has possession of YouTube, Waze, Dropcam, Motorola, and Nest


The primary aspect that you might require comprehending is where you are going to come across this problem.

As stated in the overview, this error just upsets the users who are using Google Chrome as an Internet Browser for their PC or Laptop. In case you utilize any other Internet browser namely Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. you might not be experiencing this problem anyhow.

With that being said, this particular error doesn’t essentially affect every website. Customarily, this error affects the users who are trying to open particular Google-allied websites like Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, and several others. A few users have also stated that they have come across the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR even while they have tried visiting other websites like Wikipedia.

How are you going to discover this error in case it comes across while you are browsing the internet? Well, it is actually obvious while you acquire this error since the following is going to come up on your computer screen (keep in mind that it will provide you this error code, every time look for the error code while anything seems out of shape):

A majority of people’s response to this error is going to be a reload. We also might suggest this as a primary reaction. At times this also gets you rid of the error.

In case, it doesn’t come off, you must reboot the Google Chrome Browser. This solely is not going to actually get the problem away since you are going to require clearing the cache once you restart Google Chrome.

In case you don’t distinguish how to get rid of the cache while using Google Chrome, you just have to follow some steps. As these steps pretty dependent on the type of gadget on which you are utilizing the Google Chrome Browser, we stated the steps below.

For Google Chrome for PC, you require following these modest steps so as to get rid of the cache:

Reboot the Google Chrome Internet Browser.

Find the more sign on the toolbar of the browser which has 3 vertical lines as its icon.

Click on the icon and go to the more tools option and select the Clear Browsing Data preference. This action is going to provide more choices to display.

From every single option that will be displayed within the clear browsing data preference, you just have to select 2: cookies and cached images &files.

Subsequently, you will have to decide the amount of data you need to get rid of. To do that, there exists a top menu on which you have to choose the time from when you need to delete the data. In case you want to delete all that cache, you just require choosing ‘the beginning of time’ option.

At last, click on the ‘clear browsing data’ tab.

When you have finished performing all the steps, you must try visiting the website or the particular webpage on which you encountered the error.

While using the Google Chrome Browser on an Apple iOS device, the steps that you need to follow are as follows:

Reboot the Google Chrome Browser.

Click on the more icon provided on the toolbar of the browser.

Click on the history option, which is going to provide you with other choices to display on the screen of your device.

Choose the clear browsing data option, from all the options that have been displayed.

Out of every single choice being displayed within the clear browsing data preference, you are going to require choosing the cookies option along with the cached images and files option.

Subsequently, you will have to resolve the amount of data you might want to delete. For that purpose, we have a top menu where you need to choose the time from when you want to delete the data from. In case you desire to delete all that cached data, you just require choosing ‘the beginning of time’ preference and lastly click on the ‘clear browsing data’ tab.

Since you might be able to understand the steps we need to take so as to clear the cache on Google Chrome on a PC or iOS device are nearly the same even though there are a few minor differences. In case you make use of an Android smartphone or tablet, then just perform the same steps we have provided above to clear cache for iOS devices.


Pretty frequently, solely getting rid of the cache might help you take the error away. However, there is again a possibility that the error comes up even after deleting the cached data of the browser.

So, in case the techniques that we have provided above aren’t able to do the task for you, you will have to go through the things we discuss below. The remaining stuff of this tutorial is going to be dedicated to how to resolve the error when you have tried a reload of the webpage and further getting rid of the cache.

In case you are using antivirus software, prior doing something else, it might be worth trying if the antivirus is giving rise to the problem. Occasionally, the antivirus software also blocks particular sites. Thus, in case you keep facing the same error while loading the same webpage and you are using antivirus, it might be possible that the error lies here.

The manner in which you can check whether this is the reason behind the webpage encountering the error is opening the antivirus and checking if the webpage that you are trying to load has been stated there. If the webpage is provided there, you only require asking the antivirus software to avert blocking it subsequent to the onscreen commands. Unluckily, we might not be really specific about the steps involved in performing it since the steps are going to differ depending on which antivirus software you are making use of but this must be pretty forthright to recognize it.

When you have excluded all the glitches that you might be facing owing to the antivirus, you must delete the cookies of your Google Chrome at last.

In fact, it might not matter in case you begin by deleting the cookies. The sole motive why we are signifying that you leave this technique till last is just a hands-on one. Remove the cookies, though very up-front, isn’t the simplest possible resolution. We constantly recommend that you start the process by discovering the simple choices in the beginning. In the end, why are you going to try anything which is difficult in case something pretty simpler might be able to click?

With that being said, below we have provided the steps that you will have to follow so as to get rid of the cookies in Google Chrome:

Open the Google Chrome Internet Browser.

Type this Internet address within the address bar: chrome://settings and press enter & allow the page to load completely.

Click on the show advanced settings preference when you are able to find it.

Find the ‘clear browsing data’ choice provided below the privacy option click on the tab.

Out of all the distinct choices provided there, check the boxes for cookies and the cached images & files option. Ensure that you discard the remaining options provided in the listing since you just need to select the 2 stated above.

Subsequently, from the top menu, you need to select the time from which you need to delete the cached data and the cookies. If you want to delete everything from the start, you need to select the ‘beginning of time’ option.

At last, the user needs to tap on the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ tab.

We are pretty certain that nearly every user who has ever utilized the Google Chrome Browser could have encountered this error while the webpage is displayed not available. The grounds for this might be plenty and the finest bet is that you are making use of a VPN. However, not essentially, the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is encountered even if you don’t use a VPN as it is a protocol. You might be utilizing the standard methods like rebooting the browser. Give a shot to the methods provided above in this tutorial and we are certain that this solution is going to be fixed and the error won’t come up.

Since you might be able to see, resolving this error very frequently includes clearing the old data. This happens as the old data is what the main reason behind this Google Chrome error is pretty often. Since the error comes across the really popular web pages, it might be extremely annoying.

In case you don’t have much time to perform any of the steps or methods that we have recommended in this article and require checking out the website that is affected by this error rapidly, there is a provisional and extremely stress-free workaround. Since this error might not return on the standing of the webpage that you are demanding to load but it is essentially something being produced by the Google Chrome Internet Browser, you might frequently launch a substitute browser like Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc. and load the website from that browser. This is not going to resolve the error, certainly, but it is going to provide you a rapid method to load the website you want to browse.

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